Hey guys, in this article, we will discuss the benefits of embedding Google reviews widget for Wix website. So keep reading.

Google review is the most popular review platform. Customers read them before making their purchase, whereas businesses use them to know their market reputation. While gathering reviews for the business is important, it is equally important to showcase them on your website.

Wix powers over 600,000 e-commerce websites, making it one of the popular website-building platforms for the business. So how about integrating the best with the best. And that is why businesses are opting to embed the Google review widgets on websites.

There are various advantages of using the Google review widget for the Wix website, that might convince you to use this strategy.

Embed Google Reviews On Website : Advantages

Before knowing about the advantages of the strategy, here is a brief explanation of the Google review widget. Google review widget is the functional block on the website that helps to showcase google reviews with ease.

Various tools provide you with the dedicated Google review widget that easily displays consumer reviews on the website. Now, on to why you should do it? Here are some major advantages of this strategy.

Provides In-Depth Description

People often use the Google reviews platform to post detailed opinions about the products, and it has helped businesses in a big way.

While most of the platforms often fall prey to people posting fake reviews or one-two word reviews. Google reviews often come out clean as people usually write reviews that help other consumers to make their decision.

Also, consumers often help others to know about the usage of the product and express how it can bring change to life.

So by showcasing them on your website, you not only help your potential customers in their decision. But also enhance the chance of converting your visitor into your customers.

Increases Credibility

Businesses need to build their credibility in the market in order to convert their visitors into their customers.

So, when a visitor visits the page, he can make his buying decision by seeing the review. Also, various users often upload images or videos, it works as social proof for the visitors and assists in their buying decision.

How about if a user does not have a Google account or is unaware of your Google page? Here is the smart strategy that helps you prove your credibility to your website visitors and helps enhance website visuals. And the strategy is – Embedding Google reviews on the Wix website.

With the help of this strategy, you can showcase the review regulated to your business on your website. On one side, it helps you in gaining the trust of your visitors while, at the same time, it enhances the visual of your website.

How? – As mentioned above, people often post pictures and videos with their products, so these visual-based contents provide a vibrancy to the website.

Moreover, it even saves the visitors’ time, as they get to know about the product and its review, all at the same time. So it is a win-win situation for all.

In addition, you will appear transparent in front of your visitor and appear as the brand that doesn’t hide their reviews, which eventually enhances your brand’s reputation.

Builds A Strong Customer-Business Relationship

A customer feels respected when a brand considers his reviews. With Google reviews, businesses often revert to the customer’s opinions, and if there is any complaint, they try to resolve it. All these measures help a business to build a strong relationship with its customers.

And if you are considering embedding the reviews on the website, then it is another positive step towards building a strong relationship and establishing a brand reputation.

The customer will feel valued when the brand features customer opinions on the brand, and hence it will not only help in gathering some reputation but also convert a customer into a loyal customer.

Creates A Review Cycle

Social media is an influential tool; often many people follow what’s on the trend or try to repeat what others are doing.

So when they see someone posting reviews on the page, it will also encourage other users to post their reviews. This eventually creates a review cycle and helps businesses to enjoy some positive promotions.

Talking about the review cycle, by featuring reviews on the website, embedded reviews will inspire customers to voice their opinion to get a feature on the brand’s website.

And if you are using social media aggregators for the embedding process, then you can also add the “Add a review” button using the custom CTA button.

And we all know as the impact of reviews as there will be more reviews, the reputation of the brand will increase.

Summing It Up

Reviews are the most important part of any business. On one side, it helps them win the trust of their potential and target customers, and at the same time, it also helps them know their reputation in the market.

Google being the most popular and trusted review platform adds more advantage to these reviews as they provide a wider range of audience.

I hope you liked this article on the benefits of embedding Google reviews widget for Wix website. Thanks for reading!