LinkedIn Learning, previously referred to as, has become an established brand in the market for offering thorough, easily accessible, and expert-led courses on a variety of topics related to professional development. In this post, we will explore the Best Courses On LinkedIn Learning that can help advance your career.

Best learning Courses on LinkedIn offer a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of topics, including basics like project management, data analysis, and personal branding. It has over 16,000 courses and learning routes.

What’s Great About LinkedIn Learning

Offers students a range of classes that cover everything from setting goals for projects to controlling costs and deadlines. Similar to this, the “Become a Data Scientist” path goes over key ideas in data science, including machine learning, statistical evaluation, and data display.

The accessibility of LinkedIn Learning is another wonderful benefit. Closed captions, transcripts, and other accessibility tools are given by the platform for everyone, regardless of their learning styles, to proceed at their own pace. Also, LinkedIn Learning provides courses that cover the best practices for accessibility across a variety of areas Best Courses On LinkedIn Learning. These courses examine topics including inclusive design, accessibility testing, and assistive technology.

Best Courses on LinkedIn to Participate in

1) Important Learning Programs

New learners with a particular subject will benefit greatly from enrolling in LinkedIn Learning’s Essential Training courses. Whereas classes cover the essential ideas of a subject and give students an adequate foundation upon which to build.

For instance, the “Excel 2019 Essential Training” course walks viewers through the basic principles of Microsoft Excel, covering everything from providing files to formatting cells and activating functions. Similar to this, the “JavaScript Essential Training” course goes over the key concepts of JavaScript programming, such as loops, variables, and functions.

2) Microsoft Excel

A lot of companies utilize Microsoft Excel deeply, and the platform offers a large number of courses on the subject. The “Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions” course covers advanced Excel calculations and functions, including VLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX, statistical functions, and more. In the “Excel: PivotTables in Depth” course, students learn how to use and make pivot tables to analyze and visualize data.

 3) Python

In technological industries, proficiency in Python is highly regarded, and a selection of courses is provided by LinkedIn Learning to support learners in refining their Python skills. Then, more advanced courses, such as “Python for Data Science Essential Training,” teach students how to use Python for data analysis and visualization, the “Python Essential Training” course covers the language’s essentials.

4) OnlineTraining Courses

In today’s remote work world, the importance of online training courses is increasing. Online learning seekers can choose from a variety of courses offered by LinkedIn Learning, such as “Online Marketing Foundations” and “Time Management: Working from Home.”

5) Project Management

In many sectors, project management is an essential ability. While more advanced courses, such as “Flexible Project Management,” teach students how to apply agile methods to their projects, the “Project Management Foundations” course shows project management principles.


Web developers need to know HTML as a core language, and LinkedIn Learning has many courses to assist students get better at it. While more advanced courses, such as “HTML: Structured Semantic Data,” teach students how to utilize HTML to build structured data, the “HTML Essential Training” course covers the basic elements of HTML.

7) Data Science

A range of courses are available on LinkedIn Learning to assist students in developing their data science capacity, as the field is in high demand among multiple sectors. While more advanced courses like “Data Visualization Best Practices” educate students on how to produce successful data visualizations, the “Data Science Foundations” syllabus takes on fundamental data science standards.

8) JavaScript

Web designers often apply JavaScript, and LinkedIn Learning provides many courses to help students become more adept. Also, The basics of the language are covered in the course “JavaScript Essential Training,” while more advanced courses, such as “JavaScript: Advanced Topics,” demonstrate to students how the language is used to develop active online apps.

9) Visualization

Professionals across different sectors need to know how to successfully present data, and LinkedIn Learning has several courses on the subject. Learners who enroll in the “Data Visualization Best Practices” course will be able to create powerful data visualizations. How to utilize Tableau to generate interactive data models is demonstrated to learners in more advanced courses like “Tableau Essential Training.”

10) Graphic Design

Many industries value graphic design competence, and LinkedIn Learning provides several courses to assist individuals in improving their graphic designs. However, students learn the fundamentals of graphic design in the course “Graphic Design Foundations: Layout and Composition.” Learners can learn how to utilize Photoshop to produce professional designs by taking more advanced courses like “Photoshop CC 2019 Essential Training: Design.

11) Time Management

Professionals in all fields need to be good at time management, and LinkedIn Learning provides several courses to help students get stronger at it. The fundamentals of time management are covered in the course “Time Management Fundamentals,” while students are being educated on how to decrease distractions and improve productivity in more advanced courses, such as “Productivity Tips: Finding Your Productive Mindset.”

12) Soft Skills

Professionals in all fields need soft skills, and LinkedIn Learning provides several courses to assist students in refining those skills. While the “Building Resilience” course teaches students how to deal with stress and struggles, the “Communicating with Confidence” course teaches students how to communicate professionally and effectively.

Conclusion: Best Courses On LinkedIn Learning

These are the top 12 LinkedIn Learning courses that one can take, based on their desired areas of specialization. So, for those looking for work or promotions and income increases, LinkedIn is a great resource. A polished LinkedIn profile and course will make a positive impression on hiring managers. Thus, explore the top courses offered by LinkedIn Learning and compare online courses to select the one that best suits your needs and interests.

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