Hello guys, today in this article, we will discuss eCommerce search engine improves customer experience and business results. So keep reading.

Since online users search from multiple places and platforms, it is now more vital than ever that merchants or business owners create experiences that perform and gives desirable outcome. And to achieve desirable results, it is recommended that you hire an e-commerce development company with relevant experience in your industry.

Various online marketplace technologies, such as E-Commerce search, offer businesses several ways to connect and engage with online store visitors. But having an optimized search bar and functionality is really necessary?

Is Having A Search Functionality Really Necessary?

The following scenario will provide the question to this particular answer:

While shopping on Amazon or any other marketplace, you might search for a particular product. To make the process easier and quicker, you type the results in the search bar and hit enter. However, the results you get in return are inaccurate. So what do you do?

You modify a few keywords, tweak phrases, and hit “enter” again. And your screen says, “no results found”. This can be extremely annoying. Most shoppers will leave the site at this stage and prefer shopping from another website. At the same time, some might continue to struggle for a little longer before finally giving up and finding an alternative.

Therefore, without an optimized search algorithm, you might lose customers to your competitors. Having an incompetent search mechanism also negatively affects your brand value in the market. You might even lose the trust of loyal customers.

Hire eCommerce developers with relevant expertise to help you create a search functionality within your E-Commerce Store.

Benefits of Ecommerce Search Functionality

Reduces Friction for High-intent Shoppers

How online users navigate your web store impacts your SERP ranking and business outcomes.

According to research performed by WebLinc, customers intending to use the search on e-commerce websites have the potential to convert 216 % more than users who don’t intend to use the search functionality. The primary reason for the higher conversion rate is that search functionality users have higher and more focused purchase intent than visitors who casually browse through various products.

Therefore collaborate with an eCommerce development company to develop a fully optimized search functionality for your eCommerce store. These online users or visitors already have a specific product in their minds. The job of a web store is to immediately connect them with their desired solution through optimized search functionality.

From searching for a product on the online web store to delivery speed should be a consistent and essential factor in fulfilling customer expectations.

eCommerce Search Functionality Significantly Reduces the Time From Idea to Purchase

With the increasing popularity of on-demand services, online visitors now expect fast and convenient shopping experiences. They expect to reach their ultimate goal instantly with just a few clicks. Google revealed an increase in load time of 1 to 10 seconds directly increases the bounce rate probability by 123%. According to Kissmetrics, 47% of online users now expect only a 2 seconds load time, and 40% of them are willing to abandon the website if the loading time increases by even a single second.

Making your customers struggle to find a product will ultimately lead to bat customer experience. Consequently, you will lose out on new leads and existing customers. In fact, According to the same WebLinc survey, if consumers find what they’re searching for quickly and easily, they’re likely to buy 21% more on average. But there’s more to that.

An increase in sales is typically not just because your store maintains an excellent inventory but because the inventory is easily accessible and the overall shopping experience is frictionless.

Addressing Individual Preferences

Personalized experiences are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Therefore, the best e-commerce store search functionality is the one that delivers hyper-personalized experiences, ultimately increasing customer loyalty. A survey conducted by PWC revealed that 70% of customers pledge their loyalty to brands that understand their individual requirements.

You can decode the intent and context of an individual search query by utilizing a solution that leverages visual AI and natural language processing (commonly known as NLP). Subsequently, your search functionality can present accurate and relevant results to customers with a touch of uniqueness and personalization.

Therefore, it is recommended that you hire e-commerce developers with relevant experience in creating search functionality using AI and NLP.

Simplifying and personalizing the search experience is a potent combination that bridges the gap between search and purchase. Your store visitors will be free from frustration and enjoy a seamless journey starting from search to delivery.

Therefore, invest in data-driven and customer focus development that consistently adapts to new online purchase behavior and expectations. Your friend can truly stand out in the crowd by creating value propositions and delivering quality commitments to customers.

Tips and Hacks To Build The Most Intuitive Search Functionality For eCommerce

Collaborate with an eCommerce development company, insured to adopt the following tips and hacks to make your search functionality for E-Commerce more intuitive:

  • Make your search box easy to spot
  • Use the power of NLP to improve search accuracy
  • Add visual and voice search to a search box
  • Handle long and complex search queries
  • Prioritize AI instead of keywords
  • AI-powered eCommerce search engine
  • Use autocomplete / auto-suggest
  • Merchandize your search results
  • Don’t forget personalization and recommendations

Key Takeaway

With Amazon and Flipkart integrating powerful and highly functional search functionality, small businesses, startups, and other brands need to incorporate exceptional standards in their search functionality to meet customer expectations. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire highly skilled developers with relevant expertise in e-commerce development. I hope you like this article on eCommerce search engine improves customer experience and business results.

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